Our Vision


STLHRT was created to inspire the world to endure hardship. As humans, we have all endured some form of adversity. The difficultly lies in one’s ability to navigate. Our ethos is to build a community of support and connect people and experiences to help navigate difficult times.


We are a community of warriors that are committed to helping each other. We are committed to a bigger initiative. We uplift and empower each other. We remain positive during tough times. We are overly optimistic and recognize that there is good in all things, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment.


STLHRT is not a brand that just sells products. We care less about the profit. We care about our community and making socioeconomic impact. Our products are statement pieces that help warriors identify each other and show commitment to our cause. We’re bigger than a trend. We are a bond. We are a family.


We will have immense impact on the world. It will take time, but we are patient and will drive change one warrior at a time. A core component of our mission is to partner with charities and non-profit organizations to bring awareness to issues. We pride ourselves on and stand by our commitment to give-back.