Our Products

Quality and Durability - Fast fashion is a trend but it’s not for us. We pride ourselves on our design process that consists of various phases including : 1) Product Design , 2) Fabric Selection and 3) Product and Consumer Testing. When you purchase a STLHRT product, you are making an investment in a product that will last. Our product dev process is thorough, diligent, and sometimes lengthy. But, that’s okay. We refuse to sacrifice quality for speed. When we release a product, it’s to give our community an article that exceeds expectations and stands firm against time and wear.


Versatility - STLHRT is reinventing the term athleisure. Our products are the perfect blend of style and functionality. Our goal is to create pieces for our community that promote dual-purpose. STLHRT products are uniquely designed and manufactured to allow our consumer to cut wardrobe costs without sacrificing style and functionality. We carefully select fabrics that support the toughest of workouts but also are stylish enough to wear casually.


Uniquely Crafted - STLHRT is bold and we pride ourselves on that. Absolutely, we offer unique pieces for the minimalist as we don’t want to limit the creative minds of our warriors and aid with versatility. However, we also offer uniquely designed statement pieces that are sure to turn heads. Regardless of your style or the product, our pieces are sure to stand out. Each product is carefully curated by our design team and pulled from the most unique of ideas. A STLHRT piece is like no other.